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Does your property contain unwanted trees and excessive underbrush? These features may look nice and scenic, but when you’re trying to build a home or business in these areas, you need a clear and level area for the foundation. If you require land clearing for your next project, turn to the professionals at Precision Tractor Services. We offer our services to most of the East Texas areas.

Our Land Clearing Service

 All the unwanted trees, brush, and overgrown plants on your property can get in the way of your project. Whether you are building a structure, want to freshen up your property, or even restore a wildlife habitat, you’ll want to clear the land. Our eco-friendly land clearing services will leave your property looking the way you need it.


Our team at Precision Tractor Services can mulch the unwanted trees and underbrush to create a consistent walking and driving surface in and around your property. By doing this, we won’t waste the underbrush that we clear from your property, but rather give it a new eco-friendly purpose.


We also provide complete tree removal services for your next big project. Not only will we mulch the trees, but we will also fully mulch the stumps to just below ground level so that you have a perfectly clear area to work with.

Our Reliable Experience

We’ve been in the land clearing and management industry for almost five decades. Throughout this time, we have accumulated the proper knowledge, equipment and skills to get land clearing jobs done right. You can count on us to deliver consistent and reliable results for your project.


If you want to learn more about the many land clearing and land management services that we offer, feel free to reach out to us by calling 936-638-2271 or emailing We are happy to provide you with a free estimate once we discuss your land clearing project.

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